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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Remedial Education Centre

Under the aegis of Foundation for Social Health, Thrissur (R-343/2006)

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Generally, there is a misguided notion that Counselling & Psychotherapy are meant for abnormal and mentally disturbed individuals. This is far from truth. They are very effective tools as an adjunct in the treatment of psychological abnormalities. But their real aim is to create in the individuals, a better personal adjustment and growth in all spheres of their life. This is achieved by stimulating the individuals to exploit their own hidden potentials and use more of their inner resources. According to WHO, a whole individual is one who is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It is here that Psychotherapy and Counselling steps in. It aims at making the person whole and healthy individuals, inside-out, who knows their role and holds their rightful place in family and in society. We help mould in the individuals an integrated personality by developing and strengthening their authentic self. This is an educational process through which they come to understand their own strengths, abilities and values. They are thus elevated from a paralyzing state to an enabling state, thereby becoming healthier individuals capable of confronting the various problems thrown at them by life, and finding solutions to them by applying their own inner guidance.

Research evidence indicates that counselling and psychotherapy can be an effective intervention for a range of issues, from common mental health problems, to personality disorders, substance misuse, and long term health conditions, academic/emotional/behaviour problems of children, and that it can be utilized successfully with various client groups. Different counselling and psychotherapeutic interventions have comparable treatment efficacy, and can have greater clinical effectiveness than usual care and other forms of treatment such as pharmacotherapy. Counselling and psychotherapy also has the potential to be a cost effective intervention when compared with the available alternatives.