Mind Matters Wayanad

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Remedial Education Centre

Under the aegis of Foundation for Social Health, Thrissur (R-343/2006)

Learning Solutions

Normally, everyone is talented, but some struggle through their school days. This makes every learning process and life itself a great burden for them. And we blame the current educational system for everything. MindMatters Centre for Learning Enhancement is dedicated to bring out the excellence or potential hidden within each child branded as Learning Disabled. It will be possible to remediate the child's condition early in life and reduce the learning problems to the extent possible.

Children with learning problems may have attendant problems (co-morbid disorders) like Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or even Childhood Depression due to various reasons. So it requires a complete intervention to meet their needs. The demarcating line between mental well-being and illness is even more difficult to draw in childhood than in later stages. If the defiant behaviour is quite frequent or severe in nature, then professional help may be warranted. Since all children are unique individuals, there is no simple formula for resolving their complex behavioural problems. Although common, the problems of normal children should not be considered unimportant and therefore left to self-resolution. These problems need to be addressed and effectively resolved since neglect or mismanagement can lead to more serious difficulties.

Remember, there are no dull children!

Every child is innately talented and is a potential genius; given the right environment and stimulation, a child has the ability to excel beyond your wildest imagination!!!